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The Media Dropped The Ball With Tom Brady

After winning the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, it is fair to say that Tom Brady is living on a cloud 9 right now. But before the rings and celebrations of Sunday’s game. The media dropped the ball with Tom Brady.

What had Tom Brady been getting questioned about the most before the Super Bowl?

It was two things:

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He was being badgered with the ridiculous Donald Trump and Roger Goodell questions. Questions that Tom Brady has never answered before and yet he was still being harassed time and time again with these stupid questions. Imagine being one of the greatest QB’s in the history of the NFL, but instead of talking about the game, you ask him stupid political questions

That’s like asking me what my thoughts on ways to cut into the national debt. I don’t fucking know the answer to that question. Why would you ask me that question? The same goes with the stupid Tom Brady questions..

Yes, it seems stupid, but yet the media did it anyways. It’s weird, the media doesn’t really care about asking Tom Brady football questions, even though he is one of the best to ever play the game. Instead they ask him his views on politics. What a wasted week before the Super Bowl for the media. We didn’t learn anything about the QB Tom Brady.

We didn’t learn about why he is so great compared to others.

We didn’t learn what really motivates him as he moves on with his career?

Nope! Instead we leaned that Tom Brady can say: NO to stupid political questions.

Thanks “Credential Super Bowl Media”

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