Duke Is On The Rise After The UNC Win, However…….. 3

What an exciting game between Duke and UNC. It was a tightly contested game throughout and was so fun to watch. Duke hasn’t had a Duke type year, but they showed up last night and may be on the rise. Could Duke be back?


Grayson Allen fouled out last night and when he went to the bench he wasn’t upset and wasn’t throwing his usual tamper tantrum, where he acts like a 10 year old. No, he was happy and as you can see in the tweet, he is smiling and having a jolly ole time. Hmmm, isn’t that weird?

When his team is losing he is crying like a little baby, but when his team wins he is so happy. The greats show no emotion when they win and show no emotion when they lose. You always here commentators talk about them having the same face when they’re not doing well and when they’re doing well. Real winners do this:

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Tim Duncan showed no emotion on the court when he was winning and was losing. He was the ultimate winner. And for Duke to be the ultimate winner, they have to have a guy like that. Instead they have Grayson Allen, who is the polar opposite. This will not take them far and will probably lose in the 2nd round of the tournament.

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London Perrantes, on the other hand, does have this inside him. Which means UVA is a winner and will stay winning the rest of the season and win the ACC!

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