Travis Kelce Should At Least Receive A 16 Game Suspension 29

5 days have passed since the last football game has been played of the season and I couldn’t be more upset by this! Not because there will be no more football, but because of the NFL has turned a blind eye on a more important issue that wasn’t addressed the whole season.

The 2016 NFL season won’t be remembered as the year the Patriots got revenge off deflate gate. The 2016 NFL season won’t be remembered as the birth of Dak Prescott. The 2016 season won’t be remembered as the Falcons rise. No!

The 2016 NFL season will be remembered as the season Travis Kelce tried to ruin for ever young kid watching and the rest of football fans everywhere!

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Travis Kelce threw an object at a ref this season. Thank God he didn’t get seriously hurt by this crazy man. Thank God he saw it coming and could brace himself for impact. And when this happened I saw this as an assault on a person. Something that took hours to explain to my kid who looks up to these players.

Travis Kelce mocked an opposing player, which is so disrespectful. Another incident that took hours to explain to my kid on why that isn’t right. And then 2 days after that happening I got a call from my son’s teacher saying he was taunting other kids on the playground. Why? Because of Travis Kelce!

And then all before the NFL season, Travis Kelce had a reality TV show, which shows he only cares about himself. It’s me, me, me, me, me and me with this guy.

So Roger Goodell, I’m looking at you! We can’t have a player that disrespects the game.

We can’t have a player that sends bad messages to younger kids everywhere.

We can’t have a player that only cares about himself!

It’s time to at least give Travis Kelce a 16 game suspension. At least 16 games!

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29 thoughts on “Travis Kelce Should At Least Receive A 16 Game Suspension

  • P Taylor

    You can’t be serious. We have a president that said “…grab her by the pussy…”. How long did it take you to explain that to your kid? Six months?

  • Heath

    Are you that big an idiot, all of what you sited kelce received his penalty’s for including an ejection from a game. If you didn’t like his reality show, don’t watch it. You don’t like watching him play, pick another game to watch. You’re tired of explaining this to you’re son, teach him the difference between tv and rill life. While you’re at it take some notes for yourself. It’s how the game is played from peewee to pro. Look at the pro hall of fame inductees through history and it’s full after guys who have dun the same.

  • Dawn

    This is probably the dumbest NFL article I’ve read all season. I love how you talk about “the NFL turning a blind eye” but fail to address how they turned a blind eye REPEATEDLY to shitty officiating. Kelce paid his fines so get over it. He threw his towel because he got horsecollered while an official was staring right at him and did nothing. He threw a towel, not a damn baseball or anything that could harm anyone. He mocked King because King was being a jackass. Catching Kelce was done off season. He’s a hothead but if you’re gonna call him out then younbetter be calling the NFL out for having zero repercussions for blind refs. And you better be holding every single other hotheaded player to the same standards.

  • Mike Streit

    You seriously belief all the hype up comments you just made about tj? Not near as bad as you make it out to be.

    Did he do the things you mention, sure he did and at the same time, assault with a towel. That did make me smile.

    You should turn your energy to a more worthy cause

  • mike

    This article is ridiculous!! Have you seen how others have attacked refs physically!? How about how other players dancing on top of another after tackling. This was a moronic article. Look around the league, before you single out one player! If you were a good parent you would have explained how the kicker and him were friends and we’re moving each other out of jest. Did you not watch the pro bowl? Maybe you should of had your son watch it, so he could see how friendly they were to each other. That is not all bad and people do have fun with one another and not at each others expense. Your such a good dad, show him the cup is half empty!


    U got to be kidding me…i know he got a temper and at times its justified, and i know by watching other games hes NOT the only player that does things to other players ,”teasing” them but a suspension. ..ur crazy..if u dont like the game dont watch it..its getting to be alot rougher and tougher game and the refs arent exactly fair all the time,alittle shady but hes no worse than any other player with a short fuse
    .leave him alone..dont watch if u dont like it

  • Stryker

    First off, if it took you that long to explain how to act on a football field to your kid either something is wrong with you or your kid. Second, who gives a shit if he has a reality show about him, who did you think it was going to be about? Someone else?
    Third, thank god that ref braised himself for that towl being thrown at him he could have been killed or seriously injured. Ya your spot on with that one. Who cares if he mocked another players celebration? My kid seen him do it and he didnt mock anyone at school and if he would have who cares. Maybe you should pull your kid out of Snowflake elementary before you have to explain to him why boys have penises and girls have vaginas.

  • Eric Benson

    Oh yes. It would hurt so much if the towel the ref. It is true Kelce should not have thrown the towel at him. But sixteen games? And I assume you are talking about him taunting Marquette King. He was only doing what King does after most of his punts. And as for the reality show, why should the NFL care if he has a reality show in the offseason? It isn’t disrespectful to the game to be on a dating show. This is so ridiculous.

  • M.T.

    I’ll bet you are also a liberal. Everyone should get a participation trophy and you don’t keep score. If it took you a couple hours to explain this all to your kid that I feel sorry for your kid. I remember back in the day when guys wouldn’t dream of being treated to a rival team I don’t care how much the money was. You need to put another safety pin on your shirt and crawl back in your safe place.

  • Andrew

    “I believe that Travis Kelce is not a good person. I believe Kelce is endangering the game of football. I believe that Kelce is a bad example to young kids that want to be football players.”

    Yeah, too bad you don’t actually know him. He does a TON for the community in Kansas City. You don’t have a damn clue what you’re talking about.

  • Andrew

    “Travis Kelce mocked an opposing player, which is so disrespectful. Another incident that took hours to explain to my kid on why that isn’t right. And then 2 days after that happening I got a call from my son’s teacher saying he was taunting other kids on the playground. Why? Because of Travis Kelce!”

    Clearly, you lack the parenting skills to educate your own child.

  • Darrel

    You are a horrible publisher glad I don’t see your article on the official fan page because I bet your a Oakland fan ya Oakland is the worst place and we owned them twice bud

  • SaltMiner

    This guy HAS to be clownin’ everybody because there is no way that he seriously thinks Travis Kelce is ruining football. Now, he has ruined a game or two with some dropped passes, a few in the end zone, but in the age of Suh and Talib, Kelce is nowhere near this level of deviltry. Take a pill dude.

  • Chris K.

    You have got to be a referee for the NFL and that’s why your so butt hurt…… Give me and the rest of the Chiefs kingdom a break douchebag. And if you don’t like what I have to say come tell me to my face because I would love to see what kind of trash wrote this crap…….

  • N8

    You need to grow up he threw a towel God for bid you know what if you don’t want your kid to see what life is like turn on figure skating or something that no contact so he grows up being sheltered and never knowing what life is really about

  • Jamy Martin

    What?? This article is ridiculous!!! Yes Travis was a dick for throwing that flag at the ref! However it was nowhere near assault and he publicly apologized explaining his emotions got the best of him. Take this stupid ass article and shove it up your ass!!!!

  • Weston

    You’re a moron! How is throwing a towel assault? “Brace himself for impact,” are you kidding me? It’s a towel not a boulder! You shouldn’t be allowed to write articles about sports. You’re a disgrace to sports writers…

  • Justin

    I’ll sum it up for everyone. The person who wrote this is trash. They know they’re trash. They knew the only way they would get recognition (clicks) would be to anger a fan base. They’ve succeeded. It’s sad. This person really wanted to call themselves a journalist. Too bad that’s an endangered species at this point. Please don’t continue to fuel this fire. Instead, let’s confirm their self doubts. Stop commenting. Don’t share the article with anyone. This is how you stop stupidity. Side note: I’d gladly take the opportunity to educate the writer for thier next article through conversion… Think they’re up to it?