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A lot of people (just Kansas City Chiefs fans) were outraged and really mad over my Travis Kelce post the other day.

Travis Kelce Should At Least Receive A 16 Game Suspension

I listened to your outrage. I read your comments and I really thought about them for a few seconds. Not too much time because it doesn’t really hurt my feelings that I hurt your feelings. But I gave it a chance. Travis Kelce may be misunderstood after all.

It might not be Travis Kelce’s fault that he throws objects at other people. It may not be his fault that he acts like a 10 year old child out on the field. It may not be his fault that he dances like a clown and embarrasses himself in front of others. It may not be his fault!

The comment section to the Travis Kelce post was quite one sided. Everyone was blasting my parenting skills (even though these people have never met me). Everyone was calling my kid really bad names and just really pouring hate upon myself. And that’s when it hit me.

You see, my kid will grow up with great values. When he plays sports in the high school, college and pro levels, he will know what sportsmanship is because of what I have taught him. He won’t be running around dancing when he does something great. He won’t be throwing objects at others when the going gets tough. And he defiantely won’t put himself before the team. And all of this goes back to what I said earlier, it may not be Travis Kelce’s fault for the way he displays himself in front of the public.

It goes back to the way he was raised. If he was raised by me you wouldn’t see the Travis Kelce we see today. Sorry Travis, it’s not your fault!

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