Texas Rangers relief pitcher Sam Dyson (47) exits the field after Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister (28) pulled him in the ninth inning in a game against the Cleveland Indians on opening day at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Monday, April 3, 2017. Texas Rangers lost to the Cleveland Indians 8-5. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)

It’s Time For Rangers Fans To Change Teams 10

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So we are 10 games into the baseball season, and I think the season should just be over already. As you see, the best team is in first place in the AL West. Not just the best team in the division, but the best team in baseball. Why play 152 more games? It’s just stupid and a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why play 152 more games when you know the best team is already in first to begin the year? You are doing a disservice to America’s Team and to America’s fans by making them play more games!!!! It’s like playing a 3 point contest and you already have beaten them, but you keep on going. There’s no point to keep on going, is there? The only reason you keep on going, is so you can embarrass your opponent even more.

And that’s exactly what the Houston Astros are going to do for the next 152 games. They are going to embarrass the Angels, A’s, Mariners and defiantly will make a fool of the Rangers!

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Sam Dyson has already made of fool of the Rangers this season, by blowing sooo many games. And it’s something I predicited last year. I always said:


That’s just simple facts that you can’t deny. I know, I’m always hard on the Rangers, but the simple fact is, is they don’t have a talented team. Why do you think Adrian Beltre is still “Hurt”.

He’s not hurt. He just doesn’t want to play with an embarrassing team because it will make himself look bad. And we all know Adrian Beltre just cares about himself.

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But don’t be sad Rangers fans. There is a team not too far away from your home. Just change alleginces and start cheering for AMERICA’S TEAM! You won’t regret it!!!

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