Houston Is The Invisible City


The Rockets dominated the Thunder in the second half and it was a great performance to watch. From James Harden dominating and outperforming Westbrook. And to Pat Bev getting inside the head of Russell Westbrook, which he does every single time they play each other. But I thought there was a bigger story that came from last night.

It’s the blatant disrespect that Houston receives!

I never quite understand how the 4th largest city in the US gets overlooked, but Houston is one of those cities. People actually think this OKC, HOU series could be close. Are you kidding me? The Rockets are one of the 4 best teams in the NBA and people think a bottom tier team like the Thunder can compete?

In all honesty James Harden is the MVP. He should have been the MVP a couple years ago, but didn’t win because his team didn’t have success. Well, this year he won’t win it because his team has had too much success. This is just a simple look into the Houston hatred. The media doesn’t want to accept that Houston may be a damn good team, which they are.

It’s not just the Rockets either. The Astros are one of the best teams in baseball, but I bet we won’t hear anything about them from the national media, just like we didn’t hear anyone stand up for JJ Watt when he should have won the MVP a couple of years ago.

And now you got fools like Skip Bayless saying that last night’s performance is why Westbrook is the MVP?

This is the dumbest statement on earth. MVP’s are supposed to elevate other players around them like Harden does. But if your name is Russell Westbrook that rule doesn’t apply.

And if you represent H Town then you might as well be invisible!

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