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Indians Fans Need To Become Astros Fans And Rangers Fans Are Really Delusional 3

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The Cleveland Indians are 6-7 in the AL Central, AKA last place in the AL Central.

Wait What? The Indians are in last place? How could this be?

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The same Indians that made the World Series last year? The same Indians that were supposed to end up going to the World Series again this season? The same Indians that were supposed to have an amazing lineup?

Ok that last question made myself laugh in a way. The fact that these baseball experts made the Indians seem like a great offensive team is mind boggling to me. Yeah they added Edwin Encarnacion, but besides him they’re lineup is like the Angels. They have Lindor like the Angels have Mike Trout. Great players, but have no one surrounded around them.

I hate to ruin the season for Cleveland fans because they want to be winners so badly in their terrible city, but I have to wake them up. This season won’t get any better for you Indians fans. It’s going to get worse, mainly because you don’t have a very good team. but I have a way that may help you find happiness.

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Becoming an Astros fan will be the best decision a Cleveland fan will make in the year 2017. The Astros are about 150 times better than the Cleveland Indians. The Astros are in first place, unlike the Cleveland Indians. The Astros have an offense, unlike the Cleveland Indians.

And the Astros are actually more fun to watch than the Cleveland Indians! So hop on the bandwagon, you won’t regret it!

For Texas Rangers Fans:

Wow, it’s been a really tough season so far. I mean, it’s been awful. How you guys still continue to watch the trash team is beyond me. I mean, I couldn’t imagine watching the Rangers every single night and maintain optimism on the season. I told you guys this wasn’t going to be a great season, and like some great minds in past history, you guys chose to ignore me. You guys doubted my knowledge of the game. You guys couldn’t believe that I may actually know something. Nope you guys still believed that your Rangers were actually a damn good team.

This damn good thought that you guys had, was just a DAMN GOOD LIE!

Like I told Indians fans before, this isn’t going to be a great season for you guys. It isn’t going to get any better, but there’s still time to jump on the Astros bandwagon. You won’t regret it!

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3 thoughts on “Indians Fans Need To Become Astros Fans And Rangers Fans Are Really Delusional

  • David Geho

    There is some delusion here but it’s not in Cleveland. The Tribe’s record in April will be forgotten by the All-Star break and the fight for the playoffs will be on. The talent on this team will come through. Baseball being baseball will ensure great competition and hard fought wins. The Indians will have another great season. Teamwork and outstanding individual play will be the hallmark of the Cleveland Indians again. I will keep the faith. Go Tribe.

  • Kevin Gillman

    You do realize the Indians finished April last season of 10-11, right? I mean, this is April, not August. The Indians STILL have the best bullpen in baseball. The Astros don’t have that. The Indians STILL have a better starting pitching than the Astros. The Indians have a track record. And the Indians still have a very good offense that will get better. They don’t have Jason Kipnis yet, who is a 2-time All Star, and they have Michael Brantley, who just played 11 games last season and is getting more comfortable at the plate as the season continues on. Please don’t be one of those guys, who says it’s all over in April. Astros are a good team, but they don’t have the success in postseason as Indians do. And oh yeah, by the way, I’d take Lindor over Correa any day of the week. Have a nice day.

  • Heef

    Hi im a rangers fan but I want to be a astros fan now they are the best team in baseball right now and certanly the best team in texas