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I Feel No Sympathy For Aaron Hernandez

We once knew Aaron Hernandez as a football player and an NFL star.

And then we became to know Aaron Hernandez as a murderer who selfishly took the life of others.

Aaron Hernandez damaged other peoples lives because of his selfish intentions.

This is a day where we shouldn’t feel one ounce of sympathy for a murderer. We should feel sympathy for the families, friends, parents, daughters, sons, grandkids, etc. that Aaron Hernandez destroyed because of his selfish acts.

You go on twitter today and somehow you have people saying RIP and trying to feel sympathy for Hernandez. This is where sports is a sometimes a bad thing. We put sports heroes on a pedestal and make them larger than life.

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Just the other day we had a murderer in the name of Steve Stephens. A man that shot another man and killed him. Aaron Hernandez also killed someone, but no one showed sympathy for Stephens. Why?

Because he was a murderer and an evil person. And anyone that evil shouldn’t get any compassion. But why do some still not do the same with Hernandez?

It’s because of the importance we place on our sports heroes. And this should be a lesson that I hope our sports stars take today. Sports starts are being looked upon from young people and communities. And these athletes have a major affect on others. I hope athletes can continue to push the good for others and teach young people that your actions will affect other people.

Don’t be selfish and just care about yourself. You have a major impact on everyone that is around you. I hope we never see another person like Aaron Hernandez.

I hope we see good people like Lebron James, Mike Trout, Tim Tebow, and many others.

People that are using their fame for good.

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