The Astros Will Gladly Put The Rangers Out Of Their Misery This Week

It’s Monday, May 1, 2017 and it’s an amazing day!

It’s the day the best team in baseball plays the other team in Texas.

The other team that doesn’t deserve to be named anything because they have been just a pitiful mess to start the year. But who predicted that the Rangers wouldn’t be good this season? Who predicted that their one run magic wouldn’t continue because you can’t get lucky twice? Who predicted the Astros would be way better than the Rangers this season?


And it shouldn’t come as a surprise because I’m always right.

I’m usually harsh to the Rangers when writing these blogs, but I have given you guys a warning in the past. I told you to hop on the bandwagon of the Astros before it was too late. Guess what? It’s too late and the time to switch over to America’s Team is done.

Ranger fans, you are now trapped in cheering for the biggest piece of garbage baseball team ever invented. Don’t cry to me though. Blame the terrible ownership and management. They were the ones that thought they could be lucky every single game. They were the ones that fill you with this fairytale. They filled you with the mindset that the Rangers would always be better than the Astros. IT was a flat out lie!

As for the series:

Don’t worry. It won’t be long. Will it be painful?

Of course it will. The Astros will score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score and score. While the Rangers will Strikeout, strikeout, strikeout, strikeout, strikeout.

You guys will be begging for it to be over, and the Astros will gladly put you out of your misery!

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PS: Also don’t comment about my spelling in Grammer. Shit Happens!

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