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Marwin Gonzalez Is Having A Season Like Ted Williams Once Had

The Astros have had an amazing season so far. And at 38-16, they are the best team in baseball. A huge reason for their success is their utility player, Marwin Gonzalez. Gonzalez is having an incredible season and should be considered for the All Star Game. He is having his best season of his career at the age of 28. To put his season that he is having in context, I did some research.

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The only players that have played around 45 games into a season, and hitting .308+, have an OBP of .401+, and have a slugger percentage of .638+, were:

2017 Marwin Gonzalez: 45 Games


12 HR

34 RBI

2017 Freddie Freeman: 37 Games


14 HR

24 RBI

1953 Ted Williams: 37 Games


13 HR

34 RBI

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These numbers are not a joke. When you’re being compared to hitters like Freddie Freeman and Ted Williams, you know you’re having an unbelievable season. Unfortunately we don’t know how these seasons end for Freeman and Williams. Freeman is on the DL this season and Williams only played 37 games in 1953. So it’s up to Marwin Gonzalez to decide how his once in a lifetime season ends.

I’m sure people knew that Marwin was having an awesome season, but now you know who special it really is.

Marwin Gonzalez in May:


7 HR

22 RBI

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* Stats provided by Baseball Reference*


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