HOUSTON, TX - JUNE 25:  Dallas Keuchel #60 of the Houston Astros celebrates after a complete-game shutout as the Astros defeated the New York Yankees 4-0 at Minute Maid Park on June 25, 2015 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

The Astros Finally Lost, But Don’t Worry: It’s Dallas Keuchel Day

Oh man the Astros somehow lost a game. Is the World going to end? Hell no. Look, this is baseball and sometimes your dominant bullpen just doesn’t have it. Through a 12 game stretch it’s almost impossible to be lights out every night. So one loss in 12 games, isn’t a bad thing. Especially when you have Dallas Keuchel on the mound, which means the bullpen will get a major rest.

Game 3: Dallas Keuchel vs Jason Vargas 

Royals, Jason Vargas


2.08 ERA

1.096 WHIP

7 SO/9

Opponents Batting Average .234

When opponents swing at First Pitch they are hitting .302

1st time through the order opponents are hitting .204

2nd time – .290

Vargas has interesting stats. He has a low ERA, but opponents seem to have an okay batting average against. He does induce double plays, so this gives him an advantage. The Astros patience will be key in this game if they want to keep scoring a lot of runs.

Vs Astros Batters 

Josh Reddick .226/.226/.355 (1 HR/2 RBI)

Carlos Beltran .500/.571/.833 (1 HR/4 RBI)

Jose Altuve .417/.417/.667 (1 HR 3 RBI)

Astros, Dallas Keuchel 


1.67 ERA

.872 WHIP

8.2 SO/9

Opponents Batting Average .183

Left Handed Hitters against Keuchel .100/.118/.160

RISP against Keuchel .152/.222/.152

High Leverage Situations batters are hitting .087/.176/.087

1st time through the order batters are hitting .179/.212/.305

2nd time .169/.245/.258

3rd time .147/.216/.162

Vs Royals Batters 

Alcides Escobar .333/.333/.500 (1 HR/1 RBI)

Lorenzo Cain .300/.417/.700 (2 HR/3 RBI)

Salvador Perez .100/.143/.100

Brandon Moss .333/.368/.444 (0 HR/3 RBI)

Eric Hosmer .294/.294/.294

Alex Gordon .077/.250/.077

Quite a few of the Royals have had success against Keuchel. Keuchel will hope to reverse the trend. Keuchel is a guy that induces weak contact. But the Royals usually have weak hits, so there will be extra weak contact tonight. This will not be a laser show from the bats, hahaha.

I’m going to say something short to end this piece. Yes, the Astros blew a game. It happens. And guess what? They’ll probably blow 2 or 3 more games sometime in the future. It happens, get over it. Let’s not overreact over a game. The team only has lost 17 games this season. That’s bleeping unbelievable. Let’s enjoy this!!

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* Stats provided by Baseball Reference*

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