during game four of the American League Divison Series at Minute Maid Park on October 12, 2015 in Houston, Texas.

FYI: The Astros Have The Most Dangerous Lineup In Baseball

The Astros lost again because Dallas Keuchel was scratched from his start, due to illness. It was a bullpen game and the Astros still remained competitive, but they had no chance. It’s still okay because they can go for the split against the Royals tonight, and would be an 8-2 road trip. Nothing to be ashamed about.

Game 4 Starters: Astros, Lance Mccullers vs Royals, Jason Hammel

Jason Hammel 2017


5.93 ERA

1.595 WHIP

7.3 SO/9

Opponents Batting Average .295

9 Home Runs Allowed

47 SO and 23 BB

With 2 outs in an inning opponents are hitting .325 with 2 Home Runs. This is what the Astros excel out the most.

1st time through the order opponents are hitting .261

2nd time – .273

3rd time – .408

It’s pretty clear to see that Jason Hammel isn’t having a good year. It’s also safe to say that his ineffectiveness plays perfect for the Astros. The Astros should be able to score a lot of runs tonight and start their new win streak.

Vs Astros Batters:

Brian McCann (4 for 18)

Carlos Beltran (3 for 10) 1 HR

Jose Altuve (2 for 11)

Jake Marisnick (2 for 9)

Evan Gattis (3 for 4) 1 HR


Lance McCullers 2017


2.71 ERA

1.105 WHIP

10.05 SO/9

Opponents Batting Average .217

With 2 outs in an inning opponents are hitting .145

With 2 outs and RISP opponents are hitting .154

1st time through the order opponents are hitting .235

2nd time – .186

3rd time – .238

Vs Royals batters:

Lorenzo Cain (0 for 9) 5 SO

Mike Moustakas (3 for 8) 1 HR

Salvador Perez (3 for 8) 3 HR

Alex Gordon (2 for 7)

Alcides Escobar (1 for 5)

Eric Hosmer (1 for 6)

The Royals feed into Lance’s strengths I believe and he should have a great game. Just be careful with Salvador Perez and he should be golden!

 FYI: The Astros have the Most Dangerous Lineup in Baseball:

HR: 94 (1st in MLB)

Batting Average – .278 (1st in MLB)

OBP – .346 (1st in MLB)

Slugging Percentage – .471 (1st in MLB)

The Astros are deadly and I expect to see the deadly lineup to come out and hit the ball and score a bunch of runs against the Royals tonight. I feel like I’ve jinxed the Astros the last couple of days by talking about their bullpen. Then the bullpen blows a lead. Then I talked about Keuchel and he gets scratched. Now I’m talking about the deadly lineup, but I think they’re jinx proof, at least let’s hope!!

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* Stats provided by Baseball Reference*


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