Astros Vs Angels Preview: Will Altuve Finally Hit At Home?

The Astros won 6-1 last night against the Royals to break up the 2 game losing streak. But before the game there was some bad news:

Dallas Keuchel going on the DL is never a good thing. This being his second DL stint this year makes it even worse. A pinch nerve injury is serious and nothing to risk, so it’s a good thing they are taking precaution. And with a million game lead in the AL West, I don’t think we should worry. Just make sure Keuchel is healthy when the Astros get to October!

Game 1 Starters:

Angels, Matt Shoemaker 2017 


4.12 ERA

1.27 WHIP

Opponents are hitting .238

13 Home Runs Allowed

8.4 SO/9

Opponents that swing at the first pitch are hitting .321 with 8 Home Runs

Opponents are hitting .293 with 2 outs against him

Opponents are hitting .375 with 2 outs and RISP

Opponents are hitting .333 in high leverage situations

Matt Shoemaker hasn’t had a bad year, but by looking at his numbers you can see he struggles when guys are on base. When teams stay patient and work walks, this is when Shoemaker fails.

Vs Astros Batters:

Jose Altuve (10 for 26) 3 HR/5 RBI

George Springer (2 for 21) 8 SO

Carlos Correa (3 for 18)

Josh Reddick (3 for 19)

Nori Aoki (1 for 14)

Marwin Gonzalez (3 for 14)

Astros, Brad Peacock 2017


2.31 ERA

0.96 WHIP


Opponents are hitting .237 with 2 outs and RISP

First time through the order opponents are hitting .038

2nd time .238

3rd time .429

Peacock has been impressive with his few starts this season. He strikes out a ton of batters, somehow. He needs to lower his walks, so he can stay in games longer. He has stretched out enough and needs to make sure he can save the bullpen.

Vs Angels Batters:

Kole Calhoun (1 for 15)

Albert Pujols (3 for 10)

Andrelron Simmons (1 for 6)

Yunel Escobar (1 for 5)

Jose Altuve came up clutch last night and he had this to say after:

Altuve is quite aware that he hasn’t hit well at Home this season.

At Home:


3 HR/13 RBI

On the Road:


6 HR/18 RBI

Why such the high discrepancy?

It could be he is trying to hit homers at home way too much. And a lot of the Astros at home don’t do well either because they also may be trying to go over the Crawford Boxes.

Or it could just be a coincidence. Altuve is one of the best hitters and you’re telling me he can’t hit in Houston? I think it’s just a freak thing and will turn around for him and the other Astros hitters.

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* Stats provided by Baseball Reference*

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