Darvin Kidsy

Darvin Kidsy Bio

Here is quick bio about Darvin, so you get to know a little about him before the upcoming season:

Name: Darvin Kidsy

School: Texas Southern

Position: WR/PR/KR

Rising Senior

Strengths: My many strengths is route running and separation.

Weaknesses: A weakness that I have would be looking the ball all the way in while catching in traffic.

Did you achieve your goals that you set last year? Unfortunately I had to red shirt after my transfer but it gave me a chance to re-evaluate what type person and player I wanted to be at this point in my career. I’ve been working on everything that would make me uncomfortable in a game situation to balance out my overall game.

What are your goals for this year? Best WR/PR/KR in FCS/SWAC , Newcomer of the Year.

What have you’ve been working on this off season? Separation, coming out of my routes full speed. One of my main focus is my body. If my body is in the best condition and I’m the most conditioned, I will kill the man that is in front of me every week.

Describe the type of player you are: Not too much of a trash talker, I let my game play speak for itself. I always want to make the big play whether it’s the screen game, being the deep threat, or catch in traffic as a possession receiver.

Favorite music artist: Don’t have a favorite but top two is Future, Meek Mill.

“People should pay attention this year because I feel like trial and tribulations bring out the best in everyone. In the past I’ve shown splashes of greatness and have always been a hard worker. My trials has helped me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, which will separate me from the rest.”

Stay tuned during the season to see more from Darvin as he sets to have a breakout season at Texas Southern!

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