The Judge Slayer Is Gone

Astros Outfielder, Nori Aoki, was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, along with Teoscar Hernandez, for Fransisco Liriano.

The thing is though, Nori wasn’t known as the “Astros other outfielder.”

He was know as the Judge Slayer:

Yeah I’m talking about the mythical creature that ESPN portrays every morning, afternoon, night and midnight on Sportscenter. I’m talking about Aaron Judge. Or the Tall Guy in New York.

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According to ESPN, no one can get this guy out. He is unstoppable and he is a bigger name than Zeus. Yeah, Zeus, the mythical creature. Aaron Judge is bigger than that guy. But who got this mythical creature out?

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Your boy, Nori did! Aaron Judge had no chance and just hit a lazy pop up. Some considered this a David and Goliath match-up. I also saw it this way with Nori being Goliath and Judge being David.

But sadly Nori will be leaving Houston to slay the mythical God, Judge, somewhere else. He will continue bolstering up his Judge kills in Toronto. So long Nori!

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