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Don’t Take The Game Of Baseball For Granted, Enjoy The Game

When the Astros were losing to the Rays last night, the thought of how people enjoy baseball crossed my mind. I believe baseball is one of the most enjoyable sports out there. You can turn on the TV and just sit back and relax and enjoy a baseball game. It’s also a game where you could just put on in the background and go in and out of sometimes and still know what’s going on. It’s a game where even on a tired day, you can take a nap and wake up in the 7th inning to catch the ending to the game. It’s America’s pastime and I love it for so many reasons.

But what caught my eye last night, was the notion that maybe people don’t see it like I do. The only reason I question this is because after every game you favorite team loses, there is always the doomsday crowd.

Doomsday Crowd = The people that act as if the sky is falling because they lose one game.

I don’t know how these type of people can sit and watch a baseball game and the only enjoyment they find out of it, is if their favorite teams wins. How can that be the only time your happy when watching this great game? Take for instance the last couple of nights with the Astros. The Astros lost both of those games, but I still enjoyed watching those games. Why?

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One of the reasons was Rays Third Baseman, Evan Longoria. Yes his team beat my favorite team, but I found enjoyment out of his play. In this series he’s hit for the cycle and played a stellar 3rd base. This is why baseball, in my opinion, is better than other sports. You can afford to lose games. The best teams lose around 70 games a season.

So you’re going to be the “Doomsday Guy” 70 times in a year? C’mon that’s ridiculous.

Even in losses you can still enjoy the game and the players on the field. It’s a special game with a lot of special players and sometimes we take that for granted.

So I challenge everyone the next few days to just enjoy baseball. And if you’re an Astros fan don’t worry about the rest of the season. The Astros are in the playoffs practically. They’re not a healthy team right now, so these games aren’t the playoff Astros, so they’ll probably lose a few games. It’s okay, don’t be the “Doomsday Guy” for the rest of the season because I think you will regret one day not enjoying the game of baseball.

Don’t take the game of baseball for granted!

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