Travis Kelce Will Probably Be Suspended This Season 11

Training Camp has approached us.

The Hall of Fame Game is on tonight.

We can all smell football, but why am I bothered about football beginning? 2 words:

Travis Kelce!

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Believe it or not, Travis Kelce wasn’t suspended for any of his antics he performed last season. He threw an object at a ref last season, he pushed down a defenseless player, his constant dancing, I can go on and on about this guy. The fact that he didn’t even receive a 1 game suspension bothered the hell out of me. My kid didn’t know how to react, when a guy he looked up to, was acting like a complete fool. I had to explain to him that throwing objects at your elders, isn’t an appropriate thing to do. I had to teach him about sportsmanship all over again. Honestly these were things I shouldn’t have had to do, but Travis Kelce happened.

I’m hoping Travis Kelce learned from his mistakes last season and won’t be a fool again this season. But I’m not optimistic about this happening and if he fails to do so, he probably should be suspended for the rest of the season.

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11 thoughts on “Travis Kelce Will Probably Be Suspended This Season

  • scott

    whoever wrote this article should quit their job and go to work at McDonald’s you are a stupid ass their is a lot of players that did far worse than Travis and didn’t get suspended just a fine like he got

  • Lenny's a Bitch

    I just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading your tears Lenny. With all the things in the world to be butt hurt about you picked on of the weakest, buck up butter cup.

  • Kyleu

    Dude, stfu. I don’t know what obsession you have with Kelce, but it’s pretty stupid. If ur son learns about sportsmanship from just watching NFL football, maybe you should try a different approach. Maybe you need to teach him to have thicker skin. This world is a cold cold place. But it seems like ur skin isn’t very thick either. There are ppl in the NFL who have done things very similar and sometimes worse, and I don’t hear you bitching and moaning about them. This isn’t to say I agree with his behavior, bc I dont, but every chance u get, ur whining about him. Jealous? Man crush? Hmmm. #CHIEFSKINGDOM #TravisKelceIsMyFavoritePlayer #Loyal

  • Lawrence Hampton

    What the f*** are you talking about? Travis kelce is the cheifs. With out him tyreek hill can’t carry the team alone so i think you need to shut your mouth and if you can’t handle FOOTBALL then dont watch it

  • Tom clarke

    The towel throwing act wasn’t smart at all and I’m pretty sure he got fined for it. I personally like the dancing and acting up, it just shows that he’s having fun. Why do little things like this bother people? Let the fun begin!

  • Stacy27

    I agree that discipline is the key to the future success of sports. As adults we should show our younger generation what is the right thing to do. It’s called manners. That’s probably why you see the ratings and involvement go down in numbers because nobody wants to watch idiots demonstrate ignorance on the field. However we see it more off the field and you just can’t believe that they even made it this far in life. Rules need to be applied to all and so do the consequences!!!