Travis Kelce Is Too Busy Promoting Himself, Not Focused On The Team 3

Look, I’ve been critical of Travis Kelce in the past and for good reason. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve written an article about him that I’ve haven’t been right on the mark with my comments. And now Kelce goes and does this?

Yes, he was on a reality TV show during the NFL off season. The NFL off season where you’re supposed to be with your teammates and working to get better. Instead Kelce is too busy hanging out with Marky Mark and dancing like a fool. Put yourself in his teammates shoes. When they see this, do you think they say:

“Good for Travis.”

Heck no they don’t. They have to be furious because they are putting in a lot of hard work, in hopes that the Chiefs will have a good season. Instead one of their key players is too busy not getting better. And the Chiefs fans have to be livid because you want your team to be good this season, right? Well this isn’t a good look into the Chiefs future.

My kid asked me why an NFL player cares more about himself and promoting himself than caring about his teammates? I couldn’t think of an answer and that’s the sad thing about all of this!

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