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Astros Fans Have To Watch A Series That Involves Rougned Odor, This Is A Problem

The other day I wrote a post that just ripped into the Astros players that were crying about the lack of deadline moves. This was warranted because I was sick and tired of hearing complaining when these are the facts. The facts: The Astros still hold the best record in the AL. The Astros still have a big lead in their division that won’t be going away anytime soon because the Mariners are not a team you can trust. So why complain and just perform? That was my stance yesterday and it’s still my stance today. But Astros fans do have a real problem on their hands tonight. It’s actually a big problem. It’s Rougned Odor!

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The problem isn’t a performance problem and that we should be scared to face him. Just look at his numbers and you will see that’s not the case. But it’s the fact that I have to watch a game and every Astros fan on the planet has to watch a game that involves Rougned Odor. I loved when the Astros weren’t playing the Rangers. I never had to watch Odor at all and those times were great. But now I have to see that face and that terrible facial hair that he’s growing during this series. It’s just a huge dilemma for me.

So while everyone is worrying about the Astros performance and about them being swept by the White Sox, we are missing the real crisis here. It’s that we have to watch a series involving Rougned Odor. Astros fans need prayer at a time like this.

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