Do You Still Trust Tyrod Taylor?

Do you still trust TyGawd?

Trading Sammy Watkins defiantly puts Tyrod Taylor at a disadvantage. But disadvantages is what Tyrod Taylor has been dealing with his whole NFL career. Most people would have never thought he would be a starting NFL QB when he came out of Virginia Tech. Well, the Bills gave him a shot and he has exceeded everyone’s expectations. So why would you expect him to fold now?

He won’t, that’s not Tyrod’s personality. He is going to have a huge chip on his shoulder. Some still don’t believe in him, even though he’s still a better QB than a Kirk Cousins, who everyone seems to love.

I want to see Bills Mafia in the comment section below. Do you still believe in Tyrod Taylor?

*Side Note * :

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I don’t think websites focus more on the great fans of the Buffalo Bills enough. What would you like me to do to promote the crazy fandom that is Bills Mafia?

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