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The Cleveland Browns Are Going To Be Good This Season

If you’re reading this post right now, you were probably curious by the headline. “The Browns are going to be good this season?”

You heard it here first: The Browns will be a contender this season!

What’s not to like about this football team? They traded for a high profile QB in Brock Osweiler, who won a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. They had an insanely good draft. How many times have Draft Experts given the Browns a good grade at the end of the draft? I can’t think of too many times this has ever happened, but it happened this season. I believe the draft was an A+, so what’s not to like?

You might see this throw and think the worst about the Browns chances, but that’s just a bad throw. Trust me, QB’s that have rings like Brock Osweiler don’t make that throw all that much. That’s probably the last time you’re going to see the Brocketship make a bad pass. It’s Hue Jackson’s second year as the Head Coach and everyone knows that the first year is always the rockiest start. It’s what they call the growing pain phase.

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The second year is going to be an explosive year for Hue. You’re going to see the Brock led offense clicking on all cylinders and they will make a lot of noise in the AFC North this season. Big Ben won’t be able to score on this defense, plus he’s really old. Joe Flacco? Pshh, he’s hurt and then Andy Dalton? You can’t trust Andy Dalton. So Brock Osweiler appears to be the most trusted QB in the AFC North. Image result for deshone kizer

Plus Brock knows how to groom other QB’s. When he was in Houston, he groomed Tom Savage and now Savage is the starter in Houston. So Brock will groom Kizer up and when Brock is ready to pass the torch, the Browns will be even better than they were with Brock. Cleveland is about to get crazy!

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