The NFL is back & so are dumb fans caught on camera doing dumb things

When you go to an NFL game, or any televised sporting event for that matter, you need to always remember you can be caught on camera at anytime. It is up to you to make sure that you don’t do any incriminating that will result in you going viral on social media with hundreds of thousands of people laughing at you. Unbelievably, people still don’t heed this warning. They say, “it won’t happen to me”. Tragic….

From what I gathered, this woman put a cold water bottle under her breast to cool herself down on a hot August night. The NFL preseason crowd is a wild bunch who don’t like by societies norms.  The broadcaster, “oh, alright” tops it off. This is why I love the NFL. Stupid stuff like this gets me so excited. Part of the absurdity.

Sometimes I enjoy live shots of fans than I do games. There is something special about zooming in on an unsuspecting fan (more times than not, drunk) with their guard down, just being them.


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And of course, can’t leave out this one……….

Related image

You do you, NFL Fans. Keep being disgusting. Keep on being weird. Keep on sticking water bottles under your boob to keep you cool. You do you.

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