Luhnow Made A Trade, Time To Stop Hassling Him?

*Trade Deadline Passed*

Everyone was upset a Luhnow. Resorted to calling him an idiot and all hope was lost.

Even the players were reportedly down in the dumps.

Why did Losenow do this to us? Until………………………. now!

Luhnow made a trade!! Will this get people off his case? Knowing some of the doomsday Astros fans, probably not. The strangest thing about this trade was actually some of the backlash. People were calling Tyler Clippard a terrible pitcher, but if you look at his numbers this season with the White Sox and his career, he is a actually a good pitcher who strikes out at a high rate. But this is just the narrative with baseball fans. Clippard didn’t fare well with the Yankees, so if he sucks on the Yankees, this means he’s not a good pitcher, which isn’t the case!

Over his career:

3.04 ERA

134 ERA+

3.81 FIP

1.12 WHIP

9.9 SO/9

2017 with the Whitesox:

1.80 ERA

246 ERA+

2.24 FIP

1.30 WHIP

10.8 SO/9

Career against LHB:


Image result for tyler clippard

And all Luhnow did was give up cash or a PTBNL for Clippard. That sounds like a good deal. Time to start looking to the future with the Astros and not to just be fixed on the trade deadline and how he didn’t make a move. That time has passed, but this could potentially be how the Astros playoff bullpen looks for this season:

Will Harris


Luke Gregerson

Tyler Clippard

Ken Giles

These are the horses and when these guys are on, they are really good. Let’s just hope that they’re on, and if so, I like the Astros chances.

PS: I know he has weird glasses, but that doesn’t make him a bad pitcher. Like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

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