It’s Time To Tear Down The Harry Caray Statue 3

If you’ve been watching the news or have just had your ears open the last few days, you’ve probably heard about statutes. Statutes are all the rage right now. People want them up, people want them down. No one can seem to agree on what’s best and some really don’t give a flip about the statues in the first place. But I believe everyone is caring too much about the confederate statues and not looking at one statue that needs some attention. The Harry Caray statue.

Folks it needs to come down. Harry isn’t a symbol or iconic image when it comes to sports. People loved him in Chicago for all the wrong reasons to love somebody. They loved him for being the one guy to drink a lot of alcohol in the booth. They loved him because he could barely pronounce names and they loved him because he acted like a fool of a citizen. If we are tearing down statues because they don’t represent our American values of today, then why does the Harry Caray statue still stand?

We need to use this as a teaching moment for our kids and tell them to never act in a way that Harry did and once we do that, then we bulldoze that statue.

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*Remember to not take things in life so seriously, like this post for example, life is too short.*

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