The Houston Astros Season Is Over 1

The Astros lost 2 out of 3 to the Washington Nationals and it’s time to give up on the season. Yep, it’s over. Why should fans even continue to support this team any longer? They lost 2 out of 3 to the Nationals? Embarrassing!

It’s not like any of the 2 losses were close losses. They clearly outplayed us and were 5000 times better than us in every game.

It’s not like our pitching was any good.

It’s not like our bullpen didn’t do well at all either. Typical Jeff Luhnow blew that at the trade deadline.

It’s not like the Astros didn’t claw back into the game last night and almost won the game in dramatic fashion.

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The media was and is right. The little slump that the Astros are having should outweigh all the greatness that they’ve had for at least 95% of the season. Ignore all the dominating stretches and just focus on this little slump because everyone knows that 30 games tells you what kind of team you have in a 162 game season.

If you made it this far in the post you probably realize this was very satirical and you probably weren’t agreeing with a lot of it. But this is the way a lot of Astros fans want to make of the Nationals series. The Astros went toe to toe with the best and if they got a couple of more breaks they would have won the series. I’m not worried, they’re about to get the whole team back soon. This Astros team is really good. Don’t forget about that. Trust me the Astros will be just fine.

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One thought on “The Houston Astros Season Is Over

  • Tyler

    Not gunna lie I was way heated and in strong disagreement with this whole post, like wtf there are major key factors you are forgetting about!!!! However, since I actually read the whole thing (which I really thought was going to be unbearable lol) the way you closed up that whole post has me now singing a totally different tune lol and based only on your last couple of sentences I couldn’t agree with more and I feel like the whole rest of the post was directed more to our bandwagoner fans. If that is the case “fuckin bandwagoners” is all I’ll say about that.