The 20 Game Faux Streak: How The Indians Little Streak Is Just A Small Blip On The Radar 13

So the Indians have won 20 consecutive games and everyone is crowning them the World Series Champions. Yes, it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Just because you win 20 straight games in September doesn’t mean you will win it all. Especially since the Indians won 20 straight games against the likes of the Tigers and Orioles, not exactly playoff teams like the Astros. If they won 20 straight games against the Astros I would be impressed. But obviously that would never happen and is almost impossible, since the Astros are the best team in baseball at the moment.

I’ve always thought this about the Indians for a while now, name me one good position player that they have. Do they have one great superstar? The answer is no.

Lindor = Okay

Ramirez = meh

Honestly those are all the position players I can name and you probably have the similar reaction as well.

What I’m basically trying to say is, is don’t believe too much into the FAUX streak that the Indians are on right now. It’s just a little blip on the radar.

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13 thoughts on “The 20 Game Faux Streak: How The Indians Little Streak Is Just A Small Blip On The Radar

  • Adam

    Yeah, Indians are lucky they didn’t play those juggernaut Oakland A’s.

    BTW, Astros have only played one playoff team in their last 20 games (Nationals). They lost the series 2 games to 1.

    • Kenneth Massey

      Bla bla bla Astros! Hopefully it is you and The Tribe in the ALCS, and may the best team win! Pay no attention to IDIOTS that are crowning us WS champs. I’m 61 years old and have been a TRIBE fan all my life, therefore I’m smart enough to know you don’t do that! Good luck and, GO TRIBE!!!

  • Baseball fan

    So to add actual facts to your “hot take”
    The Indians started the win streak vs the Red Sox and best Chris sale (handily) the royals were next (who at the time were afew games out of the wild card) than to the Yankees (a team in the playoffs including a double header) than Detroit (another double header) White Sox, Orioles, Tigers. So yes only one true playoff team but 2 other teams who are wild card contenders. Plus a win vs the Red Sox. In the same time frame the Astros are 10-7.. less games over that same time frame. Getting swept by the athletics splitting vs the rangers. No you are not the best team in baseball…

    Also the Astros have one superstar. Altuve. Indians have Ramirez who weather you want to admit it or not is a superstar. 2 years in a row producing at his level. Lindor is still on the cusp much like Correa. The one thing you just happen to leave off this “article” is pitching.. the Indians third best pitcher would easily be the Astros best.

  • Eric HG

    Totally true. I mean first team to do it in 1,235 teams/seasons. They are definitely the first to ever get a stretch of sub-.500 teams in a grouping like that.

    Hardly even notable, really.

  • Edison

    You sound like bill mark mays bs attacks against the buckeyes. Are you bitter about something you wanted and did not get. Did Santana, Encarnacion, Gomes, Klubber refuse an interview with an incompetent journalist like yourself. You are one petty individual.

  • Mel Graves

    What is the best streak of wins Astros have won this year? Have they one 5? 10? Cleveland had 14 last year. Went to game 7 with Cubs. How many teams have the Astros swept this year? How many in a row? Now Indians have the all time record, with Miller and Kipnis out.

  • Kay Moretta

    But the question is: Where are the Cubs today!!! Let me tell you who the Indians have: Carlos Carasco, Andrew Miller, Corey Kluber,Cleavanger, Trevor Bauer… Carlos Santana, Hose Rameraz, Frankie Lindor, Giovanni Urshella, Lonnie Chisenhall, Jay Bruce, Austine Jackson,Edward Encarnacion,Gonzalis, Jason Kipnis,Yandy Diaz, Yan Gomes, Roberto Perez and they are all batting over 325 or higher!!