Don’t Let Your Kids Emulate Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs play in primetime tonight. You know what that means?

Travis Kelce can make himself look like a huge goofball on national television in front of millions of people. As you see in the video clip above, he hasn’t learned from previous years of look liking a goofball. He keeps on disrespecting the game by dancing and celebrating. This sends a bad message to all the young kids watching the game. Now thanks to Travis Kelce they think it’s okay to dance, throw objects at refs, push players down because of his antics.

The other week my young child scored a TD in his football game and he started dancing like a complete fool. I asked him why he was doing this and he said he learned it from Travis Kelce. I had to tell him that Travis Kelce is not the person you should emulate.

Quite frankly, Travis Kelce is bad for the game of football. I challenge any parent reading this to not let your kids emulate Travis Kelce and instead show him as an example of a way not to act. And instead show them

Deshaun Watson. This is true role model for young kids out there. Be Desahun Watson, not Travis Kelce.

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