harden The Rockets dominated the Thunder in the second half and it was a great performance to watch. From James Harden dominating and outperforming Westbrook. And to Pat Bev getting inside the head of Russell Westbrook, which he does every single time they play each other. But I thought there […]

Houston Is The Invisible City

The #LakeShow defends homecourt with a 20-point victory over the Warriors at Staples Center. — Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) November 5, 2016 Wow! The Lakers played out of their minds Friday night and people are starting to notice this young team. It’s a team that doesn’t have a star……..yet. […]

The Lakers Are Moving In The Right Direction And Having ...

Not bad 🙌 — Golden State Warriors (@warriors) November 4, 2016 Last night was a much anticipated matchup between the Warriors and the Thunder. It was Kevin Durant against his old team. Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook and a move that was highly criticized. When Kevin Durant made the […]

Kevin Durant Is What The NBA Needed This Season

[FINAL] Rockets fall to the Lakers, 120-114.HIGHLIGHTS: James Harden: 34 PTS, 8 REB, 17 AST — Rockets Nation (@Rockets__Nation) October 27, 2016 As Houston fans we always build ourselves up and expect our teams to do great every year. And in most cases it doesn’t happen like that. […]

Rockets Lose In Opener To The Lakers, But A Lot ...