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Stephen A. Smith on Aaron Hernandez's death — (@FootBasket) April 19, 2017 We once knew Aaron Hernandez as a football player and an NFL star. And then we became to know Aaron Hernandez as a murderer who selfishly took the life of others. Aaron Hernandez damaged other peoples […]

I Feel No Sympathy For Aaron Hernandez

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The OUTRAGE The HORROR The INSANITY!!! A lot of people (just Kansas City Chiefs fans) were outraged and really mad over my Travis Kelce post the other day. Travis Kelce Should At Least Receive A 16 Game Suspension I listened to your outrage. I read your comments and I really […]

It’s Not Travis Kelce’s Fault

at Coliseum on December 21, 2014 in Oakland, California.
I could go all day on how the Texans are way better than the Raiders. I could go all damn day about this. Because the fact is, the Texans are superior to the Trash Oakland Raiders. Brock Osweiler is better than Trash Connor Cook. Lamar Miller is better than Trash […]

Just Lose Baby!