Where you learn that @tkelce?! 🐔 #NFLCelebrations — The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) October 3, 2017 The Kansas City Chiefs play in primetime tonight. You know what that means? Travis Kelce can make himself look like a huge goofball on national television in front of millions of people. As you see […]

Don’t Let Your Kids Emulate Travis Kelce

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Stephen A. Smith on Aaron Hernandez's death — (@FootBasket) April 19, 2017 We once knew Aaron Hernandez as a football player and an NFL star. And then we became to know Aaron Hernandez as a murderer who selfishly took the life of others. Aaron Hernandez damaged other peoples […]

I Feel No Sympathy For Aaron Hernandez

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The OUTRAGE The HORROR The INSANITY!!! A lot of people (just Kansas City Chiefs fans) were outraged and really mad over my Travis Kelce post the other day. Travis Kelce Should At Least Receive A 16 Game Suspension I listened to your outrage. I read your comments and I really […]

It’s Not Travis Kelce’s Fault