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Stephen A. Smith on Aaron Hernandez's death pic.twitter.com/gOg20yPF3f — FootBasket.com (@FootBasket) April 19, 2017 We once knew Aaron Hernandez as a football player and an NFL star. And then we became to know Aaron Hernandez as a murderer who selfishly took the life of others. Aaron Hernandez damaged other peoples […]

I Feel No Sympathy For Aaron Hernandez

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The Cleveland Indians are 6-7 in the AL Central, AKA last place in the AL Central. Wait What? The Indians are in last place? How could this be? The same Indians that made the World Series last year? The same Indians that were supposed to end up going to the […]

Indians Fans Need To Become Astros Fans And Rangers Fans ...

https://twitter.com/HoustonRockets/status/853926037347905536 The Rockets dominated the Thunder in the second half and it was a great performance to watch. From James Harden dominating and outperforming Westbrook. And to Pat Bev getting inside the head of Russell Westbrook, which he does every single time they play each other. But I thought there […]

Houston Is The Invisible City

Texas Rangers relief pitcher Sam Dyson (47) exits the field after Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister (28) pulled him in the ninth inning in a game against the Cleveland Indians on opening day at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Monday, April 3, 2017. Texas Rangers lost to the Cleveland Indians 8-5. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News) 10
So we are 10 games into the baseball season, and I think the season should just be over already. As you see, the best team is in first place in the AL West. Not just the best team in the division, but the best team in baseball. Why play 152 […]

It’s Time For Rangers Fans To Change Teams

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It’s April 3, 2017 and it’s Opening Day of Baseball. Or it could be called The Year The Astros Win The World Series! There really is no debate on this topic. The Astros are the best team in Texas and the best team in baseball. With the additions of Brian […]

2017, The Year Of The Houston Astros: The Year Of ...

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So it’s a random Thursday and not much is going on in the day because it’s a Thursday. And Thursdays are boring days to begin with, but that’s a discussion for another day. But I was thinking about the City of Kansas City on my boring day. It makes sense […]

What’s Worse: The Kansas City Chiefs Or Kansas City BBQ?

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The OUTRAGE The HORROR The INSANITY!!! A lot of people (just Kansas City Chiefs fans) were outraged and really mad over my Travis Kelce post the other day. Travis Kelce Should At Least Receive A 16 Game Suspension I listened to your outrage. I read your comments and I really […]

It’s Not Travis Kelce’s Fault

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I caught up with DE, Branden Jackson, of the Oakland Raiders to talk about his first full season in the NFL. We talk about the difficulties transitioning from college to the NFL. We talk about how Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin challenged him every day. And we talk about what […]

Branden Jackson (DE, Oakland Raiders) Offseason Interview